Online Binary Betting Sites

The betting industry has been evolving rather fast. The primary drive of this evolution is to offer gamblers more options to play more, have fun and make money. One of the impressive new additions to the world of gambling is online binary betting.

Getting Started with Binary Betting

Binary betting changes the world of forex trading into a simpler method of making quick money. But in this case, the risk is pre-known. Today, some sites have ventured into online binary betting. So how does it work? How does it compare to betting?

Calculting Bet Wins & Losses

In binary betting, you simply bet on whether a specific currency will reach a specific level or not. The best betting sites use the odd index of 0-100. The best bet settles at 100 when the currency hits your predicted mark or zero when it does not. Therefore, the highest amount you can lose is the value of your stake.

Taking a closer look at binary betting online, you will realize that it is in many ways similar to sports betting. Here is how people to compare the two:

  • In both cases, sports and binary betting, a high degree of risk is involved.
  • If you employ a good strategy, both can be highly rewarding.
  • Both sports and binary betting are forms of betting because you are predicting the outcome of an event.
  • The main difference between the two is that sports betting focuses on actual sports while binary betting is based on forex markets.
  • While sports betting is as old as sports themselves, binary betting is relatively new. Indeed, it is only recently that binary betting has been listed in the best betting sites and online casinos.

online binary betting

The Best Online Binary Sites

Now that we have demonstrated that binary betting can be highly rewarding, which are the best betting sites?

  • IQ Option: This is one of the top online sites for binary options. It was started in 2012 and utilizes in-house software for binary trading. The maximum return on this site is 95%.
  • This is another leading site for binary trading across the globe. The site is known for its honesty. Besides, the site also offers impressive bonuses.
  • HighLow: This is one of the best betting sites for binary options. The online casino site uses MarketPlus software for binary trading. It is recommended for traders who want to predict financial markets based on 60 seconds, 90 seconds, and 5 minutes expiration periods. The site has made a name for its impressive customer support.
  • Bet365: This is one of the leading online casinos and sportsbooks around the globe. It is preferred by many people because of its impressive user mobile app, intuitive user interface, diverse games, and generous bonuses. It has also made a name for being the first to offer binary betting. The site offers binary options expiry times of five minutes, one hour, and 24 hours.

While you can resort to a wealth of transparent reviews out there, you may want to find a betting site by doing your own research. Make sure to focus on the platforms having:

  • Valid betting license – A betting license increases the legitimacy of the site and provides safety and security for all members.
  • Reliable payment methods for deposits and withdrawals – Seek sites with long lists of payment options and fair banking and withdrawal terms.
  • Responsive customer support service – While many members will have only general queries, a responsive customer support service can assist with more complex problems.

If you want to win big in betting, one of the new areas to try a hand is binary betting. It is easy and prompt because the expiry time is very short. Well, you can place a bet on the best betting sites and get a huge win in real money in just a few minutes.

Online Binary Betting Sites