The Ultimate Guide to Binary Robots

guide to binary robots

Binary option trading robots are seemingly everywhere these days. Binary option auto trading scams are popping up at the rate of several every week, despite the fact that everyone involved in binary option trading one way or another, has long been wise to their antics. Learn more in my guide to binary robots.

A trading robot is a program which is capable of generating its own trading signals and acting on these same signals, according to a capital management plan which is either set automatically, or input manually by the user of the robot.

Your guide to binary robots:

Given how popular they are with scammers, who will take every opportunity to blow their true capabilities out of proportion, it’s safe to say that binary option robots have been overhyped lately. From the tracking of weather satellites, to using AI and various intricate trading algorithms, not to mention bare metal servers, everything has been ascribed to binary trading bots as the concept on which they’re based. Of course, none of these far-fetched tales are true. Every trading robot out there is based on a more or less intricate combination of technical indicators, and that is the source of their limitations too.

Binary option robots are indeed quite limited when it comes to long-term success and consistency, and that can be attributed to the fact that they’re unable to perform fundamental analysis. Technical analysis, with its charts and chart patterns, coupled with various mathematical artifices, is extremely easy to automate. Fundamental analysis on the other hand, does not lend itself well to automation. Not even systems endowed with rudimentary AI can handle proper fundamental analysis, and that explains why experienced robot users’ best answer to fundamentals-induced volatility is to just unplug the whole thing.

What types of trading robots will you find out there?

Based on how they are “sold”, there are two basic types of binary option robots. There are scam robots and there are legitimate ones. When it comes to intricacy, the sky is the limit really. One can combine as many technical indicators as he pleases and he can place filter on top of filter to refine the results. The money management module can be twisted and turned into all sorts of shapes and sizes too.

How do you recognize a binary option auto trading scam?

The clues/signs are quite numerous and obvious indeed. Scam auto-traders are advertised everywhere these days, and most of them are built on the same blueprint. The scammers set up a 2-3 page site on a recently acquired domain and they upload an elaborate promotional video to YouTube or to another video-hosting site. Even the scripts of these videos resemble one another. They’re all about fabulous promises of thousands of dollars per day without any work required on the part of the trader and they usually say very little about how their software is supposed to secure such results. If they do talk about the mechanics behind their traders, they usually concoct some sort of far-fetched story in which they hype up some kind of rather mundane technology, hoping those less knowledgeable will buy into it. Another common denominator of such videos is the fact that scammers make a big deal about offering their software for free. It always turns out though that victims have to make a $250 deposit with one of their “trusted” brokers to get things going. Needless to say, victims then never see a single cent of their money afterwards.

What happens is that the scammers give traders access to a low-grade robot, which uses some technical analysis to generate signals and to trade. They then pick up their commission from the broker they’re partnered with and they stop caring. Users then have their deposits traded away by the software. They might even get subsequent phone calls from the broker, through which they’re encouraged to make additional deposits.

Legitimate auto traders never hype anything. They just state the facts about their products, including their limitations.

One of the most interesting platforms traders can use to create their own trading robots, is hosted by one of the most popular CySEC brokers, IQoption. Through this platform, traders can use a wizard to create robots, using a number or ready-made modules. Sharing these robots is also possible through the same platform. The creation of more advanced robots requires advanced technical analysis knowledge. Everything is free at IQoption’s Robots platform. What this means is that traders without any kind skills and inclination towards technical analysis, can simply log in and use the robots created by other traders. What’s more, apparently there are robot trading competitions taking place at IQoption too, which allow traders to put their creations to the test.

The bottom line is that trading robots are always limited by the nature of the technical indicators they use. If you hear stories about an auto trader capable of doing fundamental analysis, you’re probably looking at a scam. Be realistic in your expectations. This way, you may actually find the robot trading game an enjoyable one.

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