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It might seem hard to believe, but when it comes to binary options robots, the best alternative is also the cheapest. Remarkably, you can use the best robot that exists for binary options totally free of charge.

The robot in question is BinaryOptionRobot. Whereas the marketplace for binary brokers and signal providers gets ever larger and more competitive, the robot market is completely dominated by one player – BinaryOptionRobot.

The reason for this is twofold, and very compelling: BinaryOptionRobot is not only the best, it is also the cheapest. In this article, you can learn more about what makes this robot better than the rest.

Great results with the best binary options robot

Let’s get straight to it: the fact that you can use BinaryOptionRobot free of charge wouldn’t matter at all if the robot didn’t produce results. A free robot that’s no good is of no interest to anyone. But as it happens BinaryOptionRobot is good. It’s very, very good.

BinaryOptionRobot trades on reliable signals that produce consistently favorable results. The robot employs a highly competent team of professional traders who use their expert knowledge and experience to the subscribers’ benefit.

Quite simply, this is a unique opportunity to employ the skills and expertise of some highly qualified professionals to manage your binary trading. We have no hesitation when it comes to giving BinaryOptionRobot our most sincere recommendation.

Excellent features

Beyond rock solid results, BinaryOptionRobot also offers some highly inventive and unique features that enable you, as a trader, to attain a high degree of control.

You can activate a stop-loss feature that automatically stops BinaryOptionRobot from continuing to make trades on your behalf after a certain number of consecutive losing trades. In theory, this protects you from the consequences of bad losing streaks. In fact, the situation is a bit more complex, something you can read more about in our other articles. Stop-loss can be of benefit to certain traders in certain situations, though.

A very exciting new feature that is unique to BinaryOptionRobot is the opportunity to define the risk level you would like to trade with. BinaryOptionRobot offer you a choice between four different levels of risk. This puts you firmly in the driver’s seat, and assures that the robot executes trades that fit with your preferences.

The risk level feature is available only to VIP members. You attain VIP benefits by recruiting new customers on behalf of BinaryOptionRobot. This is not a difficult task, considering the value for money on offer here.

Unbeatable price

Of course, it is impossible to talk about BinaryOptionRobot without mentioning price as a strong point. This robot is still, and will always be, free to use for its subscribers.

As we have describer in more detail elsewhere on the site, this is due to BinaryOptionRobot’s unique business model. The robot is able to offer its services to you free of charge because it charges your binary broker instead.

This means that the broker you use to trade with BinaryOptionRobot is treating you to a free robot. In other words, this is not a free robot. It’s not a service that is being given away without payment. It is a very good robot that, thanks to a very smart pricing model, is being paid for by brokers, not traders.

If the guys behind BinaryOptionRobot were clever enough to come up with such an inventive scheme, you can rest assured they’ve got the skills to produce excellent results on your behalf in the binary options market.

It is very easy to open an account with BinaryOptionRobot. You can be reaping the benefits of the best binary options robot – for free – in a matter of minutes. Why not sign up now, and let BinaryOptionRobot make you money before the trading day is over?

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